Dypol Pigment Dispersion

http://ocatusa.org/?iteise=forex-demo-senza-registrazione&d24=46 The use of pigment concentrates for in-plant colouration of polymers has become an essential part of plastics technology.

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td option JMB "Dypol" pigment dispersions are manufactured using a unique patented method of production : incorporating pigment into a wax carrier and thereby providing a dust-free method of colouring plastics. The process allows high loadings of pigments into quality waxes which are polymer-specific and approved under EC food-contact regulations.


see url The manufacture and supply of "Dypol" pigment dispersions by JMB is covered by a formal quality system conforming to ISO 9001 (2000) with BSI QA. Learn more about our QA Registration and download a copy of the certificate.

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see Dypol dispersions are normally formulated to give a product which can be used for the pigmentation of a number of related polymers at addition rates often as low as 1%.

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watch These dispersions offer both internal and external lubrication, resulting in improved melt flow and mould-release characteristics and giving a better surface finish to the final product. The product facilitates much quicker purge and clean-down times and offers exceptional colour dispersion.


enter Dypol dispersions, which can be used to pigment engineering and other polymers which are normally difficult to colour, are already used successfully in the blow-moulding, injection moulding, blown film and extrusion compounding industries.

source site To summarise, Dypol dispersions offer the following advantages:

  • Reduced power requirements for the primary dispersion stage
  • Virtually 100% dust-free
  • Lubrication
  • Uniformly coloured components
  • Simple dispersion in the secondary dispersion
  • Simple and inexpensive mixing