Heucodur Infra-Red Reflecting Inorganic Pigments

It is well known that a white surface remains cool in the sun, whereas a black one quickly heats up. The sun emits almost 50% of its energy in the near infra-red (NIR) region of the lectromagnetic spectrum. This radiation is absorbed by dark surfaces - such as roofs, walls and facades - and the energy is degraded into heat.

This heat production leads to increased thermal degradation of the polymer matrix, discolouration and reduction in life-time of the affected components. Further, increased temperatures inside affected buildings lead to increased demand for air-conditioning, with its associated energy costs and possible envronmental damage.

Black surfaces strongly absorb both NIR and visible light, whereas white effectively reflects this radiation : from a designer's point of view, however, a white or pastel colour may not meet the consumer's demands.

The new range of Heucodur IR pigments offers a wide range of shades from yellow through to black and enables the formulation not only of architectural, building and construction coatings, tiles, plasters etc, but also automotive exterior and interior applications such as dashboards and tanks etc.

Use of Heucodur IR pigments extends the life of the polymer matrix and substantially reduces heat build-up as a result of the absorption of near IR radiation.

Product Heucodur IR Masstone § Constitution
Blue 550  Blue-550 PB 28
Blue 2R  Blue-2R PB 28
Blue 5-100  Blue-5-100 PB 36
Blue 4G  Blue-4G PB 36
Blue 559  Blue-559 PB 36
Green 5G  Green-5G PG 50
Yellow 150  Yellow-150 PY 53
Yellow 152  Yellow-152 PY 53
Yellow 156  Yellow-156 PY 53
Yellow 3R  Yellow-3R PBr 24
Yellow 256  Yellow-256 PBr 24
Yellow 259  Yellow-259 PBr 24
Brown 869  Brown-869 PBr 29
Black 910  Black-910 PBl 35
Black 920  Black-920 PBl 35
Black 940  Black-940 PBl 35
Black 950  Black-950 PBl 328

The exact colour shades which appear above will depend on the settings of your monitor and/or printer. They should be used for guidance only.

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