Our Company

James M. Brown is the world’s largest manufacturer of Cadmium Pigments with manufacturing sites in the UK and also at our subsidiary, Multicel Pigmentos, in Brazil.

JMBfactoryWe believe that our cadmium pigments are the best quality, safest cadmium pigments on the market and our commitment to the future of this pigment chemistry has been demonstrated through our continued investment at both sites. Through our membership of the UK Chemical Industries Association (CIA) and the International Cadmium Association (ICdA) we have successfully lobbied to keep the market for these exceptional pigments as wide as possible.

It is on the platform of our core competencies of colour and service that we have built a reputation as a specialty distributor of high quality colour and functional pigments to the UK market. Through our long term, strong relationships with principals from all over the world we serve the UK colour consuming industries (e.g. Plastics, Inks, Coatings) with local stock of world class pigments, additives and above all; excellent service – that means commercial, regulatory and technical service.