Composite Blended Pigments

In addition to supplying standard ranges of cadmium pigments, Heubach pigments, U&P ultramarines and speciality Cabot carbon blacks, we also offer a custom colour-matching service; matching to a pigment sample, a piece of pigmented plastic or supplying a match to an RAL, BS or Pantone colour.

Blended Pigments

These blends are based on mixtures of inorganic and/or organic pigments selected to produce the colour required, and to meet other specific requirements requested by our customers. Where food-contact use is involved in the US or other countries which adopt US practices, it may be of value to consult the list of pigments which have been classified as "generally recognised as safe" ("GRAS") by the FDA.

If use of any pigments in toys is being considered, then we strongly suggest that you see our page on this subject here.

We are able to produce these composite blended pigments in batches from 10 to 500 kg.

In order that we can supply you with a counter-match sample using suitable and stable pigments, we need to have specific information regarding the properties required. For this reason, when you request a matching we would ask that you print out our "sample matching request sheet", complete it and send it to us - together with the plastic or pigment sample (where appropriate).

The manufacture and supply of composite blended pigments by JMB is covered by a formal quality system conforming to ISO 9001 with BSI QA. Learn more about our QA Registration and download a copy of the certificate.