Light Fastness and Weather Resistance

JMB cadmium pigments, like all cadmium pigments, have excellent light-fastness throughout the whole range from yellow to deep maroon. On the "Blue Wool" scale, they range from 7 for yellows to 8 for oranges and reds.

Weather fastness must, however, be considered differently, as the presence of titanium dioxide and / or the permeability of the polymer or resin to moisture will seriously affect the stability of the colour - especially yellow, which have poor resistance in the presence of titanium dioxide or moisture or both. Generally, oranges and reds exhibit good weather stability which increases as the shade becomes redder. Cadmium reds are widely used throughout the world for crates, where long-term colour stability is required. Some darkening can occur, depending on the carrier resin.

We strongly recommend the testing of all pigments under the actual conditions of use, as this will take into account the combined interactive effects of the pigment(s), additives, polymer and processing conditions.

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