Monastral/Monolite Organic Pigments

Heubach offers a full range of organic pigments, manufactured at its sites in the USA and India, or produced specifically for it in Europe. These materials are sold under the trade names Heuco, Monastral, Monolite and Vynamon.

The plant at Ankleshwar in India came into production in October 1995 initially to produce phthalocyanine blues. Far from being a "third world" factory, this has been constructed to the most modern environmental standards : it has already been praised for an in-house 4MW power plant which operates to an overall efficiency of 80%, thanks to the recovery of waste heat. It also produces material which conforms to the tightest EU and US dioxin and PCB standards.

The Monastral / Monolite and Vynamon ranges of high-performance automotive pigments, phthalocyanines, azo pigments and speciality pigment dispersions were purchased by Heubach in 2003 from Avecia. The Heuco range are designed for use in inks, Vynamon in plastics and Monolite & Monastral in coatings:

Monolite & Monastral Pigments for Coatings

Product reference Masstone shade § Composition *
Phthalocyanine Pigments
Monastral blue CSN-N  Monastral-blue-CSN PB 15:1
Monolite blue 515100  Monolite-blue-501510 PB 15:1
Monolite blue 515102  Monolite-blue-501510 PB 15:1
Monolite blue 515303  Monolite-blue-515303 PB 15:3
Monolite blue 515400  Monolite-blue-515400 PB 15:4
Monolite blue 515402  Monolite-blue-515400 PB 15:4
Monolite green 600734  Monolite-green-600734 PG 7
Monolite green 600735  Monolite-green-600735 PG 7
Monastral green GBX-C  Monastral-green-GBX-C PG 7
Monastral green GN-C  Monastral-green-GN-C PG 7 / PG 36
Monastral green GNX-C  Monastral-green-GNX-C PG 7 / PG 36
Monastral green LAG-C  Monastral-green-LAG-C PG 7
Monastral green 6Y-C  Monastral-green-6Y-C PG 36
Indanthrone Pigments
Monolite blue 3R-H  Monolite-blue-3R PB 60
Monolite blue 3RX-H  Monolite-blue-3RX PB 60
High-Performance Pigments
Monolite red 325401  Monolite-red-325401 PR 254
Monolite red 325402  Monolite-red-325401 PR 254
Azo Pigments
Monolite yellow 108304  Monolite-yellow-108304 PY 83
Monolite orange 200504  Monolite-orange-200503 PO 5

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§ The actual shade displayed/printed will depend on your system settings and should therefore be used for guidance only.

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