Metallic Stearates

James M. Brown manufactures a range of metallic stearates used in the plastics, pharmaceutical and food industries. It uses only stearic acid derived from vegetable sources for this production and no organic solvents whatever are used in the production process. Further information in the form of position papers is available at the bottom of this page.

The manufacture and supply of stearates by JMB is covered by a formal quality system conforming to ISO 9001 with BSI QA. Learn more about our QA Registration and download a copy of the certificate.

original 220620101151510328The Manchester Beth-Din has certified our magnesium and calcium steatates as conforming to Kosher requirements and sacks are stamped with their logo.

Halal Certification Europe have certified our magnesium and calcium stearates as conforming to Halaal requirments and sacks are stamped with their logo. 

In the case of our magnesium stearates, we produce both commercial grades, grades that conform to European Pharmacopoeia specifications and those which comply with European food regulations. Zinc stearate is available in both commercial and high purity grades.

Further information on these products can be found using the links below:

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Zinc stearate

Position papers covering stearates

Magnesium Stearate - Regulatory and Position Paper

Calcium Stearate - Regulatory and Position Paper

Kosher & Halal certificates covering magnesium and calcium stearates

Sustainability of James M. Brown stearates